For all Monarchies of the world,

His/Her Imperial and Royal Majesty,

My name is Johan and I am the incarnation of Kukulkan (for the Incas Quetzalcoatl) and my father: HunabKú wonders which Kingdom (Royal Family) has the capacity Ohm his successor to the throne of the Kingdom of Heaven to let him rise to his fullest Imperial Potential? So together we can contribute to a better living environment for everyone and to secure, in this collaboration process, the future of Mother Nature!

This true love symbol I got from the mother of my kids.

And this Mayan necklace with beautiful blue heart I offer to the Royal Family as my commitment to respect, serve and protect the Kingdom who owns my Mayan Heart!

Via The United Universe you can get in contact with Kukulkan and you can follow Kukulkan throughout his Socialmedia & Websites  )))

With greatest respect,
In lak’ech: Kukulkan 

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